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When it comes to automotive and transmission specifications, we’ve got your back! Layne Lubrications offers premier, standard, and economy brands to ensure we meet your budgetary needs. We strive to minimize your total operational cost by keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency.

Our lubricants are recommended for vehicle owners, operators, heavy-duty trucks, managers of passenger vehicles, light trucks, and high-performance vehicles.


When selecting a lubricant for your aircraft, it is essential to choose quality products. Here at Layne’s, we provide the essentials for your aircraft and ground support equipment. Our goal is to keep your aviation business in top performance!

Not all aviation oils are alike; they come in two distinct types: single-grade and multi-grade whichever is relative to the project. We carry different weights and viscosities depending on your needs. Our grease is specially formulated to protect your machine components from corrosion and rust, seal to prevent contamination, lubricate moving surfaces without leaking, and withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Have you ever had to close early because of technical failure, maintenance, or lack of material? Let Layne be there for you next time! Whether your machine shop manufactures fasteners or complex gears we know your success and profitability rely on your machine’s uptime. Our high-performance metalworking lubricants and fluids will help you every step of the way. When precision manufacturing, tool life, and uptime are critical to your success and profitability.

In addition to our high-performance metalworking lubricants and fluids, we provide technical services to help keep your machine shop running at peak efficiency. Our products and service will help extend your machine and oil life, reduce downtime, and lower operating costs.


Are you a boat lover? Do you own a boat or still searching for the perfect one? The most important part of any boat is the engine. There are several different boat engines and propulsion systems; we offer a solution to customers who value product quality. We provide a wide variety of lubricating products for your engine’s needs. Two of the biggest factors to consider when choosing the right products for your boat are the size of your engine and the fuel delivery system. Our product line of engine oils and lubricants will meet all your engine needs. We provide lubricants to help deliver efficient operations and improve your vessel performance.


The construction business is very demanding. Layne Lubrications can keep your business going with our premium contractor lubricants, construction oil, compressor oil, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, and cutting oil. Whichever product(s) you need can be delivered in bulk or packaged options. We provide the fluids that keep your facility’s equipment running smoothly from Backhoe Loaders, Excavators, Skid-steers, Tractors, and Dump Trucks. Our goal is to maximize your productivity while minimizing equipment and maintenance costs.

Let someone from our sales team help you determine the best lubricants for your applications. Construction equipment must run reliably despite harsh conditions. We ensure your equipment will run through extreme temperatures and those daily challenges.


Year-round, railroads save billions of dollars for consumers. Layne Lubrications recognizes the importance of saving money and with our quality lubricants, we can help you make it happen. Lubricating the rail and wheel properly can help save energy and reduce noise. There are three lubrication methods used by railways everywhere wayside, hi-rail, and on-board lubrication.

The primary function of rail lubricants is to minimize friction between the wheel flange and rail interface, especially in the curves where side cutting of rails often occurs. Lubricating the gauge face on the outer rail on sharp curves helps reduce friction which subsequently reduces wear and tear. Wear is a result of friction between the rails and wheels. Our lubricating products are a cost-effective tool for reducing friction.


Regular maintenance on your fleet vehicle is essential for keeping your fleet on the road, avoiding unexpected costs, and maximizing profits. Our industry-leading products extend oil drain intervals which helps lower your lubricant consumption. We understand how important it is to keep your fleet running at optimal levels.

Our goal is to help you maintain productivity by minimizing downtime and maximizing fleet reliability. Whether you are an owner/operator or a fleet manager, you need a partner who is going to ensure your fleet gets quality products. Layne has everything you need to maintain your commercial vehicles, trucks, tractor-trailers, or buses; we are here to keep those wheels turning.


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When DEF is stored out of direct sunlight and kept between 15° F and 77° F it can have a shelf life of about 2 years. Sunlight and temperatures outside this range will reduce the shelf life and cause it to degrade faster. Your DEF storage containers should contain a visible expiration date.

If the motor oil meets the viscosity grade and engine oil specifications listed in your owner’s manual, switching motor oil will not be a problem. You can easily switch back and forth between synthetic and conventional motor oils.

Engine coolant, or antifreeze, is a vehicle fluid used to maintain the temperature of an engine. Coolant flows around your engine through the cooling system, regulating the temperature while protecting the internal surfaces from corrosion and wear.

Biodegradable hydraulic fluids are made with a base of grapeseed, sunflower, soybean, canola, or soybean vegetable oils. In case of a major leak or spill, this minimizes environmental impact while still providing the key properties found in mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids.

When your wipers are not effective in removing moisture, wiper blades leave a film behind after they move over the glass, streaking noises and streaks of water when the windshield wipers move across the glass, or blades stick to the glass when moving.

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