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Layne Lubrications is a minority woman-owned wholesale distributor headquartered in Connecticut since 2016. Layne is a high-quality wholesale distributor and marketer of oils, fuel, lubricants, greases, chemicals, cleaners, equipment, and more for a multitude of industries at competitive prices. We can deliver any item(s) you need in bulk or packaged options. We value our partnerships and our customers which is why we work with the leading manufacturers in the industry. Layne is partnered with product lines that will help keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. Our long-standing customers benefit from the strategic partnerships we have built with industry-leading lubricants distributors and manufacturers.

What We Do

We provide premium contractor lubricants and more.

Layne Lubrications offers only the highest quality brand name products with reliable service across the country. We provide industry-trusted oils, specialty lubricants, chemicals, cleaners, def fluid and equipment to consumers and manufacturers that keep your fleet, facilities and equipment running properly so you can maximize your productivity while minimizing equipment and maintenance costs. We also cater to government and military accounts as well offering a wide range of mil-spec products. We work very closely with our customers making sure that they are utilizing the correct lubricant and/or fluid for the correct application as recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. Let someone from our sales staff help to determine what is the best lubricants for your application.
Automotive & Transportation

We understand the importance of keeping your fleet running at optimal levels whether you are an Owner, Operator or the Fleet Manager of commercial vehicles, buses, tractors, trailers and more.


We stock Jet and Engine Oils, Greases, and Hydraulic Fluids designed to lubricate, moving parts such as bearings, gears, cylinder walls, piston rings, and sockets.


Our high-performance metalworking lubricants and fluids will help you every step of the way, designed to work together and minimize the impact of cross-contamination.


A wide variety of lubricating products for your small engine needs, applications include: 2-stroke/2-cycle, gear lubricants, motorcycle/ATV grease, bar/chain lubricants, and marine greases.


We will work to ensure your business and facilities equipment consistently run at optimum levels. Our products meet the standards for Common, Passenger and Private Carriers.

...and more!

From anti-freeze and coolants to other heavy duty lubricants, commercial or industrial usage and more, we have it all. Ask about our biodegradable offerings or our other miscellaneous chemicals!

What We Do

We provide a full line of lubricants and more.

Layne Lubrications offers reliable service across the country; we link every customer to the right product to best fit each unique organizational need. We provide industry-trusted products to keep your business running smoothly all year round. We supply a range of products from specialty lubricants to def fluid and so much more. Our goal is to keep your fleet, facilities, and equipment running to maximize your productivity while minimizing equipment and maintenance costs. We offer a wide range of mil-spec products to cater to our military and government accounts or contracts. We work very closely with our customers ensuring they are utilizing the correct lubricant(s) or fluid(s) recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. If you have any questions on an item or need specifications, someone from our sales team can help to determine the best products for your needs.

Layne handles a complete line of conventional petroleum, specialty, synthetic oils, and greases. Which includes Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils, Passenger Car Engine Oils, Hydraulic Fluids, Transmission Fluids, Coolant, Anti-Freeze & Glycol, Metal Working Fluids, Heat Transfer Fluids, Grease, Gear Oils, Industrial Oils & Fluids, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Oils, Form Oils, Compressor Oils, Cylinder Oils, Air Tool Oils, Rock Drill Oils, Way Oils, Solvents, Power Generation Oils, Aviation Oils, Turbine Oils, Marine Oils, Railroad Oils, etc.

Ask us about our Environmentally Friendly/Biodegradable Oils and other miscellaneous chemicals!

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We are a certified minority woman-owned business enterprise.

We proudly serve all cities, states, and federal municipalities including up-and-coming to large corporations within the Automotive, Aviation, Commercial, Industrial, Construction, Manufacturing, Marine, Metal Working, Railroad, Retail, Transportation, and Food & Beverage Industries.

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