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Layne Lubrications Specialists, go above and beyond  to provide all the fluids you will need to keep your fleet running at optimal levels.  There are many Automotive and Transmission specifications that can be confusing. We offer three different levels of products to satisfy all budgets.

Our premier, standard, and economy brands ensure we meet you where you are, while also lowering total operational cost by keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency. Our lubricants are recommended by vehicle manufacturers from across the world including the United States, Europe, Japan, China & Italy to be used Passenger Cars, Light Trucks and High-Performance Vehicles.

Target Business Partners

  • Auto Parts Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Car dealerships
  • Quick-change lube stations
  • Tire Dealer
  • Independent Repair Facilities
  • Gas Stations
  • Taxi & Livery Fleets and more!
Product Categories
  • Engine Oils
  • Transmission Fluids
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Greases
  • Gear Lubricants